Facing the issues surrounding your death can be daunting whether you are a young parent about to leave your kids with your mother while you go on vacation for the first time without them or you are someone recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. A will, and other estate planning documents, (like trusts, beneficiary designations and advanced care directives) can make your wishes clearer to those you leave behind. We believe choosing the right guardian for your minor children is as important a part of estate planning as avoiding paying unnecessary taxes. We strive to listen to what you want and don’t want, to articulate other possibilities for you to consider, to get drafts of documents to you within ten days of our meeting and to always discuss what we think your plan will cost at the first meeting. In addition to preparing wills and other documents in anticipation of death, we also work with survivors when someone has died to assist in the probate of the will, preparation of tax returns and distribution of assets. Sometimes as part of the estate planning process, we may have to transfer real estate between family members or form a limited liability company to hold the family camp. Occasionally we form corporations and serve as corporate clerk or registered agent for the LLC.

Another part of the estate planning process, common in second marriages and in first marriages with the children of business owners or very wealthy individuals, is working on a prenuptial agreement. Because an important part of these agreements involves waiving rights to inherit property at death, these agreements are often done by estate planners and we welcome the chance to assist you with this kind of planning prior to your marriage. When for some reason we can’t do what you need to have done, we are always willing to help you find another lawyer to assist you.